[1] Education



American University of Beirut – Beirut, Lebanon Oct 1998 – June 2002

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering [80% av.]

One of the best Civil Engineering undergraduate programs in the Middle East. In addition to the varied undergraduate curriculum, extra graduate courses taken include: Concrete Technology, Coastal Engineering, Pavement Design, Transportation Economics, Construction Management, Project Management, and Computer Methods in Civil Engineering. 


American University of Beirut – Beirut, Lebanon Oct 1997 – June 1998

Freshman Sciences [85% av.]

One-year preparation program: Obtained equivalence of the ‘Lebanese Baccalaureate part II’.


Muscat Private School – Muscat, Oman Oct 1994 – June 1997

High School Diploma [90% av.]

Obtained the Sultanate of Oman General Secondary Certificate in addition to the general High School Diploma.

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